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Magicweaver’s body digitization technology allows users to generate highly accurate 3D models via just two photographs from any smartphone. One such use case is made to measure clothing. Instead of having your users manually measure themselves, which maybe subject to sigificant human error, your users can download our mobile app and get up to 99% accurate measurements.



One primary advantage of our technology is that we do not require any specific hardwares such as depth sensors or high-end cameras. Our solution only needs two photos taken from smartphones which are widely used today. Second, the 3D model generated using our solution features highly accurate details. This is because we extract body shapes of each individual user directly from their photos instead of fitting some priori statistical models. Third, our technique can generate a complete 3D human body model in such a way that we are able to define and obtain any measurements on the body. Some alternatives only can produce certain types of measurements. If you are a clothing brand looking to try out our technology. Please get in touch with us directly at

You can also directly download our mobile apps available on both the iOS and Android stores below.

MagicWeaver iOS Demo App:

MagicWeaver Android Demo App:

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