Flinggolf® The Future Of The Fairway!

Flinggolf® The Future Of The Fairway!

But who knows maybe that will come later down the road. The main critique of Aeolis Tournament is that it lacks some depth to its content. All 6 modes feel quite solid but some could do with fleshing out a bit more than others. It feels like some could benefit from different arena designs with the exception of the Football and Hockey maps. While the experience is fun this will probably only be a game I pull out to play with friends which will hopefully be sometime in the future.

Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged, and many other factors. What is present is a solid party game well worth playing with friends and family a like when you get the chance of course. Of all the party games I have covered Aeolis does a lot of things right. Simple controls suitable for everyone and the game modes on offer are a lot of fun.

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characters like a girl, boy… a shark…. In all seriousness I quite liked the personality of all these characters and of course I warmed to the shark character because that’s my jam. The graphics are good, sort of cell shaded and the environments are not overly cluttered so you can mostly see where your character is located. By naturally playing the game you gain points which you can use to unlock more cosmetic colours and accessories for your character of choice to wear.

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  • The other issue that crops up is the fact that the gameplay never drastically changes throughout the game.
  • These are still fun, but after a while all of the missions start to feel the same.
  • You will acquire new guns and abilities which kind of keep the game fresh.
  • Once you get all of these guns and abilities though the gameplay never drastically changes.

The Perfect Storm – a free for all game where you need to blast other players off the map and be the last one standing. The main gameplay feature is the character’s use of an air cannon across each mode.

While this may seem tedious to experienced gamers this is incredibly beneficial to casual gamers who may struggle to understand gaming controls. This short demo clearly shows the buttons to use while also showing a visual demonstration of how they work. It keeps things simple, which is ideal for the target audience. Aeolis Tournament is a family friendly title for up to 8 players.

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The game keeps the controls appropriately simple you move with the stick and hold down a button to charge the air cannon and release to blast. Before you start any game, it runs through a quick mini tutorial on how to play.

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