AI Body Digitization & Measuring

From just two photos

Automatically recommends the best apparel size

Supports phone & depth cameras + 3D scanners

Fully customizable measurements

Smart Body
Shape Tracking

Scalable human body digitization pipeline

Generate realistic fully rigged 3D body models

Smart Size
Your customers can quickly answer a few questions to get their best fit for a particular SKU
Your customers can save their size profile with a click and re use it instantly on any other SKU to obtain their best fit
Customers can optionally create accurate photo based 3D size profile via your custom mobile app and seamlessly load on your website
Simply scan QR code with mobile app to link accurate photo based 3D profile to the web smart size system

Smart Mirrors



Our technology is directly integrated into smart mirrors. Allowing for a seamless experience between offline and online shopping. Users can simply scan themselves in minutes in a store and have their complete size information saved digitally.

Next Gen MTM

Our technology can provide users & partners with any body measurement they require quickly and accurately. Fast direct API connections or email based spreadsheet files are available

Supports 3D Hardware Devices

Hardware device partners including Depth Cameras and 3D scanners, can use our dedicated API to convert incomplete RGBD depth maps or 3D scan data into standardized & fully rigged 3D digital characters.

Flexible Integration & Services

Android & iOS SDK

We provide easy to use software development kit for developers to integrate our technology seamlessly into existing mobile applications.

Support for eCommerce frameworks

We have plugins and extensions for popular ecommerce frameworks such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magneto.

Custom Integration & Development

Our team can do end to end custom integration into any existing website and mobile application. We can even build you an app with our technology baked in from the grounds up.

Scalable Service

We have service plans for small businesses who may just need a few 3D models and measurements per month to enterprise plans which covers millions of API calls per hour.

Risk Free Trial

Test our accuracy and see how it’ll work for your users risk free. Get 20 free 3D models built through our free trial. Simply sign up for a demo account.



Our team brings a combination of Hollywood level expertise in 3D graphics with cutting edge computer vision and AI from Silicon Valley. Our mission is to bring true next gen apparel shopping experiences online.

Let us help you lower return rates and increase customer satisfaction

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